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Self care: Washing oneself

56 tips and ideas 
ShowerAccessible shower
Shower with custom-designed glass wall – appropriate for wheelchair users.
Shower stall with shower wall foldedAccessible shower stall
Shower stall with walls that open and rubber strip - suitable for wheelchair users
Toilet and washbasinAdapted bathroom
Well-functioning adapted bathroom suitable for wheelchair users.
User seated on toiletAdapted bathroom
Space-saving interior of a bathroom for disabled people
Shower handle with selecta band (close-up)Adapted shower handle
"Selecta band" on shower handle makes it possible for persons without dexterity to hold on in the shower
Wall-mounted shower stool adapted with strap around the recessed space in the seatAdapted wall-mounted shower seat
A simple strap on a shower stool with recessed space prevents the user from getting caught in the recessed space - suitable for slim people with disabilities
Wall-mounted grab bar next to shower chairAngled grab bar
Angled easy-grip grab bar – suitable in an adapted bathroom
Shower nozzle and hoseBathroom - shower handle
A long and stable shower hose together with a convenient shower nozzle - suitable for people who shower while sitting on a shower chair
BathtubBathtub in adapted bathroom
Ordinary bathtub in adapted bathroom – a possibility for people with disabilities
Ceiling lift track with ceiling liftCeiling lift between bed and bathtub
By opening up the wall above the bathroom door Anders can transfer from the bed directly to the bathtub using a ceiling lift
Shower and toilet chair on castersCombined shower and toilet chair on casters
A shower chair on casters suitable for wheelchair users with high spinal cord injuries.
Shower and toilet chair above toiletConvenient shower and toilet chair with soft seat
Soft seat on shower chair facilitates transfers for wheelchair users.
Corner shower with doors closedCorner shower with folding doors
Shower stall that frees up space in bathroom - suitable for people who drive wheelchairs and need maneuvering space
BathtubCustom-built bathtub in larch wood
Larch wood bathtub with broad edge to help with transfers and stops for the feet; suitable for people with disabilities
Shower chair on toilet seatCustom-built shower chair for adapted RV
Custom-built shower chair saves room and makes it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to shower in an RV
User with portable showerFluid bag as portable shower
Used as to wash genitals when traveling
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionFolding shower chair on wheels
Shower chair on castors that can be packed into a suitcase.
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionFolding travel shower chair
Shower and toilet chair on casters that can be packed into its own case
Shower chair in bathroomGarden chair as shower chair
A garden chair with cushion that works as a shower chair with shower cushion- suitable for persons with disabilities
Hand shower with on/off button on handleHand shower
Hand shower at wash basin
Hand shower picture 1Hand shower
Hand shower by the toilet – practical for people with disabilities
Gardena hand sprayerHand sprayer as mobile shower
A hand sprayer makes it easier to wash genital area – suitable for people with disabilities
Hand disinfectionHand wash in handbag
- reduces risk of infection – suitable for people with disabilities
Aquatec Laguna hygienic chair with ROHO hygiene cushionHygienic chair
Shower and hygienic chair with customized armrest, suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
Mobile shower and toilet chair, Aquatec OceanMobile shower/toilet chair on casters
Combined shower and toilet chair on castors
Portable shampoo basinPortable basin for washing hair
Assistive device to wash hair while sitting in a wheelchair - suitable for persons with extensive disabilities
ROHO-MINI-MAX cushion on shower chairPressure relieving shower cushion
Used successfully in many contexts, such as the shower, airplane trips, the car, etc.
Self-inflating seat pad on shower chairSelf-inflating shower cushion
A self-inflating seat pad works well as shower cushion – suitable for wheelchair users who have impaired sensation
Shallow washbasinShallow washbasin with counterspace
A shallow washbasin works well for wheelchair users with limited reach
Shower baskets on wall of showerShower basket with suction cups
Practical organizer for shower accessories – suitable for people with disabilities
Chameleon travel shower chair with extra foam cushionShower chair while traveling
Small folding travel shower chair on casters – large and tall people do not sit well on it
Shower chair with back and armrestShower chair with back and armrest
Shower and toilet chair with soft back and fixed armrest
Shower chair with customized armrestShower chair with customized armrest
Appropriate for persons who do not have arm or hand function.
Shower chair TrippShower chair with holder for ventilator tube
Small tilting shower chair - suitable for persons with compromised balance
Shower chair with soft back and swinging armrestShower chair with soft back and swinging armrest
A small shower chair that helps maintain balance.
Shower in RV with ceiling lift and shower chairShower in RV
Custom shower stall with ceiling lift and shower chair – suitable for a person with extensive disabilities
Shower stall with doorsShower stall with doors
Shower stall with doors that seal directly against the floor is a good solution for wheelchair users.
Roho-Adaptor cushion on Swift shower stoolShower stool with pressure-relieving cushion
- suitable for people who lack sensation
Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heaterShower/toilet on adapted sailboat
Practical space-saving solution for shower and toilet on adapted sailboat.
Washbasin with spacer unitSink with hand shower
Adjustable angle sink in bathroom with hand shower, suitable for persons with impaired balance and hand function.
Shower chair Rufus with Roho cushionSmall chair for shower with armrest and back
Space-saving solution for persons with high spinal cord injuries who have a ceiling lift in the bathroom.
Shower area with glass wall and shower curtainsSpacious bathroom accessible to the entire family
Spacious bathroom - suitable for persons who need assistance in order to shower
Soap pumpStable soap pump
Soap pump makes it easier for persons with impaired hand function to use soap
Towel rack with pivoting armsTowel rack with pivoting arms
Space-saving towel rack for many towels
User transfers to bathtub with assistanceTransfer belt EasyBelt
EasyBelt facilitate transfers - suitable for wheelchair users who need help with transfers
Bathtub with ordinary chair next to itTransfer from wheelchair to bathtub
Transfer to bathtub using an ordinary chair
Bathtub without front and with crate next to itTransfer to bathtub with assistance
Removal of the front and end plates of the bathtub, a place to sit next to the bathtub and a belt to wear during the transfer make it easier for wheelchair users to transfer to and from the bathtub
User on stool next to the bathtubTransfer to whirlpool bath
- an option for wheelchair users with strong arms
“Rufus” Shower stoolTransfers between wheelchair and shower stool
The wheelchair is locked to the shower stool for secure transfers.
Vinyl-backed terry cloth fabric on lounge chairVinyl-backed terry cloth
Vinyl-backed terry cloth protects the wheelchair or lounge chair from becoming wet after a swim or shower
User next to her wall-mounted shower chairWall-mounted shower chair
Stable, convenient and space-saving shower chair – suitable for wheelchair users
Pressalit shower stool with backrest and armrestWall-mounted shower stool with armrest
Stable wall-mounted shower stool for easy transfers with sliding board
Wall-mounted soap dispenserWall-mounted soap dispenser
Easy-to-use soap dispenser – appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
User takes soapWall-mounted soap pump
– makes it easier for people with impaired hand function to use soap
User in bathtubWatch TV from bathtub
Being able to watch TV while lying in the bathtub is relaxing and distracts from pain
Whirlpool tub with ceiling liftWhirlpool tub
A hot bath can help persons who find it difficult to stay warm and have problems with spasticity