homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Housing: Water- and gas-taps

6 tips and ideas 
Single lever faucet on front edge of sinkAccessible faucet
Faucet sits on front edge of sink – easily accessible for persons with compromised arm and hand function
User drinks water through straw from sinkDrinking water directly from the faucet
A method for persons with high spinal cord injury to drink water
FaucetFaucet for sink
Faucet swings to side to allow user to wash hair
Pivoting faucetPivoting water faucet with long range
Wall-hung kitchen faucet with long range appropriate for people with disabilities
Faucet with sprayer pulled outPullout spray faucet in accessible kitchen
Pullout spray faucet makes kitchen work easier for persons with impaired hand or arm function
Single-lever faucetSingle-lever faucet with good ergonomic design
Good sink faucet handle for persons with impaired hand function