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Accessible boat with boarding ramp folded out at dockAccessible boat dock
Floating boat dock – suitable for boarding by people with motor disabilities
User at dockAccessible boat dock at vacation home
Hinged floating dock - suitable for wheelchair users
The Fred 25 (Photo: www.hanterbarabatar.se)Accessible motorboat
Aluminum boat that can be operated by a solo skipper in a wheelchair
User at center consoleAdapted center console on motorboat
- enables to drive a boat sitting in a wheelchair
User in kayakAdapted kayak
Rekryteringsgruppen offers kayak lessons for persons who have a spinal cord injury
Motorboat with ramp downAdapted motorboat
Customized boat with built-in ramp and joystick steering - suitable for electric wheelchair users
Sailboat at dockAdapted sailboat
Adapted sailboat that a person who uses a wheelchair and has impaired hand function can steer.
Raised sole in cabinAdapted sole inside cabin
Raised floorboards to reduce height differences in boat – suitable for wheelchair users
User operates anchor by remote controlAnchor with remote control
Anchor in accessible boat that can be operated by a person with a disability
Anchor point with strapAttachment of wheelchair in accessible boat
Anchor points on floor of boat make it possible to tether wheelchairs
Wheelchair in boat - strapped down with beltAttachment of wheelchair in boat
Anchor points on the floor of the boat make it possible to attach an electric wheelchair
Wood board with opening between sofasBerth on sailboat
Solution for persons with incontinence problems.
User sitting on boat and pulling wheelchair toward himself with reach extenderBringing the wheelchair onto the motorboat
Moving wheelchair onto boat
User in cabinCabin inside motorboat
Wheelchair accessible cabin on Coronet 24 Midi
User sitting in cockpitCockpit in adapted sailboat
Cockpit in adapted sailboat with slide-out table top.
User at consoleConsole in adapted boat
Adjustable console in adapted boat makes it possible for wheelchair users to steer the boat
User sitting in the kayak with cushion between kneesCushion between knees in boat
A cushion between the knees helps the user to maintain a good seated posture in a kayak for people with functional impairments
Customized motorboatCustomized motorboat
Wheelchair accessible motorboat equipped with lift.
Dodger on sailboatDodger on adapted sailboat
Custom easy-to-use dodger keeps user warm and dry on boat; extremely suitable for persons with physical disabilities.
Electric winchElectric winch on adapted sailboat
A person with disabilities can use an electric winch to independently handle sails and anchor.
Engine compartment in motorboatEngine compartment in motorboat
Engine compartment in boat that is easily accessible – suitable for wheelchair users
User fishing on aft deckFishing on accessible boat
– an opportunity for wheelchair users
Cantilevered ramp between stationary and floating docks (close-up)
Floating dock
A floating dock guarantees an even height between dock and boat, facilitating transfers for wheelchair users.
Floating dock with wooden rampFloating dock with wooden ramp
A floating dock guarantees an even height between dock and kayak, which facilitates transfers for people with physical disabilities
A wheelchair user boards the boatFolding bow ramp in accessible boat
– allows easy access for wheelchair users
Boat at dock with ramp downFolding ramp on motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users
Folding benchHinged benches
Folding seats increase space on accessible boat for wheelchair users
User steers boat with joystick controlJoystick steering and navigation of adapted motorboat
- suitable for wheelchair users with impaired hand function
User pulls up zipper on cover while sitting in kayakKayak cover with zipper
– aids people with disabilities and impaired hand function
User with kayak skirt in kayak
Kayak skirt
Kayak skirt keeps the kayaker warm and protects against water
Landing craft open with portable rampsLanding craft
A landing craft that works for persons who operate electric wheelchairs
User with life jacketLife jacket
A life jacket that automatically inflates when it lands in the water and does not limit mobility - suitable for persons who operate a wheelchair
Lift in marinaLift for people with disabilities
- allows transfer to and from a boat with a municipal lift device
Lift in stern of boatLift for persons on accessible boat
– makes it easier for people with disabilities to swim and get ashore at a high dock
User on lift platformLift in adapted motorboat
Wheelchair users move independently from dock to motorboat using lift platform
Mooring lines and bumpers on boatMooring lines and bumpers on boat
Simple mooring - suitable for wheelchair users
Fred 25 motorboat Photo: Katharina RatzkaMotorboat adapted for skipper with extensive disabilities
Adapted motorboat that can be steered by people who use an electric wheelchair and have impaired hand function
User in boat next to driver’s seatMotorboat interior
Coronet 24 Midi -77, a motorboat that works well for a wheelchair user
Tilting wood board between cockpit and saloonMoving between cabin and cockpit
Technique for wheelchair users to transfer in adapted sailboat.
User moves on soft sand with help from an assistantMoving on soft sand
- a solution when there are no ramps
Different types of pogies, photo: www.kajak.nuPaddle gloves for kayaking
Pogies are easy to put on – appropriate for people with impaired hand function
Portable ramps, one extendedPortable ramps
Small lightweight aluminum ramps for wheelchair users; practical to have along on the boat.
User puts on boat coverPut on and remove boat cover
Low port cover makes life more convenient for wheelchair users
Radio at center consoleRadio on adapted motorboat
A radio on a boat is essential for people with disabilities
Radio on sailboatRadio on sailboat
A radio on the sailboat is essential for people with disabilities
User drives up ramp; wood board between ramp and motorboatRamp on dock for motorboat
Custom-built ramp bridges space between dock and boat.
Reach extenderReach extender for use on motorboat (and other purposes)
Strong reach extender appropriate for use on boat – suitable for wheelchair users
Roho cushion on driver’s seatRoho cushion in motorboat
Cushions with many applications – suitable for persons with impaired sensation
User at stove, sitting on toilet with wood boardSailboat galley
Adapted kitchen on sailboat in which a person with quadriplegia can cook.
Gel cushion on seat in boat
Seat cushion in boat
Pressure-relieving seat cushion
Motorboat at service dockService dock for motorboat
Berth next to service dock – suitable for wheelchair users
Toilet seat covered with wood board, water heaterShower/toilet on adapted sailboat
Practical space-saving solution for shower and toilet on adapted sailboat.
User with the boat's joystick on the wheelchair attachmentSteering for boat
Motorboat that can be driven with a joystick - suitable for persons with impaired hand function who drive a wheelchair
Surfing glove. Photo: Sebastian ForsénSurfing gloves that provide more strength
Surf gloves with webbed design provide extra strength for paddling with a surfboard - facilitates surfing for people with disabilities
Telescoping ramps on motorboatTelescoping ramps on motorboat
Telescoping ramp is used to bring electric wheelchair onto motorboat.
Toilet in motorboatToilet on small motorboat
Alternative toilet installation – practical for wheelchair users
Stationary lift next to sailboat on floating dockTransfer between sailboat and wheelchair with stationary lift
Transfer from sailboat to wheelchair with stationary hydraulic lift
The user moves from the wheelchair to the dockTransfer from wheelchair to kayak
Transfer technique for wheelchair users
User transfers from dock to platform on boat’s swimming ladderTransfer from wheelchair to motorboat
Transfers using adapted platform and attachment to swimming ladder.
User receives help to place feet on deckTransfer from wheelchair to sailboat
Transfer from wheelchair to sailboat with help from one person.
User sits on platform on the boat’s swimming ladderTransfer to boat – teak platform on swimming ladder
Swimming ladder adaptation to facilitate transfers between wheelchair and boat.
Sailboat boomUsing boom to transfer onto sailboat
The boom of the sailboat and an electric winch can be used as a lift for persons with physical disabilities