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Recreation, leisure: Winter sports

22 tips and ideas 
User on snowmobile. Photo: from www.kritto.seAdapted snowmobile
An adapted snowmobile enables a wheelchair user to get around in the snow without problems
User attaches hip beltAttachment belt for legs on Sitski
The belt helps a person with impaired leg function to sit securely on a sitski
The user riding sitski with back supportBack support for riding on sitski
Back support provides safety when riding on sitski
Clothing for riding on sitskiClothing for riding on sitski
Several layers of thin, warm clothing are appropriate for a person who rides on a sitski
User rides monoski. Photo: www.praschberger.comCompetition sitski
A sitski for persons who use wheelchairs and compete in skiing
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
User wearing heated sock (close-up)Heated socks
Battery-heated socks for outdoor activities – appropriate for people who freeze easily
User rides monoski with leg guard. Photo: www.praschberger.comLeg guard for competition sitski
Protection for legs and feet when skiing
User rides anchor liftRide skilift with sitski
A rope attached to the sitski makes it possible to ride the ski lift
User on chair lift. Photo: www.praschberger.comRiding a chair lift with sitski
The monoski works well on a chair lift
User turns on slope(close-up). Photo: from Nordic SitskiRiding a Sitski
With Sitski a wheelchair user can ski with others on the same terms and manage independently on all lifts and slopes
User on sitskinSitski
Sitski makes it possible for wheelchair users to ski
User on sitski. Photo: Ronny PerssonSitski and poles
An opportunity to ski, ride the lift and chair lift for a person who uses a wheelchair
User rides on sitski. Photo: Malin EnglundSitskis
A sitski that provides good balance
User on Sitski with poles Tornado Flexible.Ski poles for Sitski
Tornado flip poles are flexible and work well when riding on sitski
User with sled on ice skates. 
Photo: Tomas EngblomSled on skate runners
Ice skating for people with disabilities
The user working on her knees wearing trousers for crawling.Specially sewn trousers for outdoor activities
Sturdy outdoor trousers used when raining, skiing and for “crawling”
The thermal insole battery pack sits on the outside of the shoeThermal insoles
Thermal insoles keep feet warm – suitable for people who easily freeze
User has moved forward in the wheelchair and moves one leg over to the foot bar of the sitski.Transfer from wheelchair to Sitski
People with strong arms can manage transfers between wheelchair and sitski without problems
Wagon for sitski. Photo: Ronny PerssonWagon for sitski
Facilitates transporting the sitski
Wheel Blades on wheelchair. Photo from www.wheelblades.chWheel Blades
- makes it possible to easily use a manual wheelchair on snow and ice
Plastic skis attached under the wheelchairWinter walks with wheelchair
Plastic skis under the wheelchair make it possible for wheelchair users to take walks in winter