homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Accessible deskAccessible desk
Desk with double work surface and accessible control panel for electric outlets
User at computer deskComputer desk with slide-out workspace
Convenient computer desk suitable for persons who use a manual wheelchair
User at computer workstationComputer workstation
A computer workstation for persons who use their head to control the computer.
Computer workstation with trackball mouse on holder attached to the tableComputer workstation
Individually adapted computer workstation – suitable for people with extensive disabilities
User sits at workstationComputer workstation at home with MouseTrapper
MouseTrapper facilitates computer work – suitable for persons who have or are at risk of having shoulder problems
User types on her computer at workComputer workstation at work
Ergonomic computer workstation - suitable for a person with a high spinal cord injury
DeskCustom-built desk
Custom-built desk for persons with limited reach.
User at deskDesk and dining table close to the kitchen
Practical desk and workplace next to the kitchen – suitable for wheelchair users
User at his computer workstationEasily accessible computer workstation
Practical furnished computer workstation for people with extensive disabilities
Electric height adjustable deskElectric height adjustable desk
A large electric height adjustable desk appropriate for persons who use different types of wheelchairs.
Mini keyboardMini keyboard
The user switched to a smaller keyboard and had less elbow pain.
User at his custom pianoPiano assistive device
Compact electronic pedal for digital pianos and keyboards, developed for people with physical disabilities such as paraplegia
Specially designed workstationSpecially designed workstation
This customized desk is the product of a workplace accessibility project
User in standing wheelchair at deskStanding wheelchair in workplace
A standing wheelchair makes it possible for the user to be independent in his workplace
Laptop with head mouse on special table in bedUse of computer with head mouse in bed
Custom-made laptop table for use in bed – highly appreciated assistive device for persons who control the computer with a head mouse
User at work tableWork table
Work table suitable for wheelchair users
User at workplaceWorkplace at home
Workplace for a person with high spinal cord injury allows user to work from home
User with mini keyboard on a cushion on his stomach and elbow resting on a towel on the night tableWorkplace in bed
An efficient workplace in bed for persons with impaired finger and hand function.
Simple and convenient workplace – suitable for wheelchair users
Work table with space for knees, manually adjustable height.Workroom with computer workstation
Workroom with computer workstation for a person who controls the computer with a head mouse
User sitting at deskWorkstation in open plan office
- with standard details appropriate for wheelchair users