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Reflective armband, (english text)


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Används på armarna vid rullstolskörning när det är mörkt utomhus.

Reflexband är enkla att sätta på. Man "slår" de runt armen. Lätt att "slå i hop" till en rulle som ryms i fickan när den inte behövs.

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Tipset är från 2005

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förflyttning » förflyttning med hjälp av rullstol, tips av personer med skadenivån Hög tetraplegi med delvis armfunktion (C5-6, ASIA A,B).

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  1. I've got similar things attached to my wheelchair but mine are 'wrap-strap'/'slap-strap' style (they have a piece of metal inside which can be pushed 'flat' or 'slapped' so it curves round whatever you 'slap' it on (i.e. arm/wheelchair etc).When it's really dark, I also use some small LED bike lights which I keep attached to my manual wheelchair frame (you can get some which clip on and off brackets which you can leave on your chair and remove the lights but I went over to the smaller but brighter LED lights on my new chair) and they are so helpful when it is dark - not only can people see you more easily (especially crossing roads etc) but you can also see things in front of you more easily. I've currently got two white lights on the front of my wheelchair frame (just above ankle height) and two red ones on the back bar of the backrest. The small lights are about an inch high, 1.5inches deep and less than an inch wide and strap round the frame with Velcro straps. They have a big button to push to turn them on/off and get caught much less than the old bulky ones I used to use which were (technically) more easily removable as they had brackets (although I found them almost impossible to remove!)Best wishes,Cat>^,,^
    #404# kommentar 2010-12-17

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