More tips on other websites

Tips and products

          • Bespoken: a database on disability to share insights, tips, frustrations, ideas and expertise about technology and design by the Blackwood Foundation.
          • Tipbase: a database on technical aids by the Swedish Thalidomide Society (Swedish lang.)
          • Independent Living Centers Australia: unbiased information about assistive technology and equipment.
          • Disabled Living Foundation: unbiased information from the UK to promote independent living for persons with disabilities.
          • SPINALpedia: a social mentoring network for persons with spinal cord injury.
          • Able2Wear: adaptive clothing for disabled people and wheelchair users.
          • Personlig Assistans Tips (PA-tips): collecting, documenting and publishing ideas among individuals using personal assistance (Swedish lang.)
          • Handipkapptips: Tips and activities for individuals with disabilities (Swedish lang.)
          • Disabled Gear: a place to buy and sell second hand disability equipment

      Home adaptions

          • Barrierefrei Leben: on-line advice about housing adaptations and technical aids  (German lang.)

      Disabled Parents

          • Paramama: Information for women with spinal cord injury on fertility, pregnancy and parenthood by the Swiss Paraplegic Association (German and French lang.)
          • Through the Looking Glass: Serving families with disabilities.
          • Disabled Parents Network: Information for disabled people who are parents or hope to become parents.
          • mammapappalam: Information on fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood for persons with spinal cord injury (Swedish lang.)

      Individual solutions

      Resources for persons with spinal cord injuries

          • SpinalCord: a resource for persons with spinal cord injuries and their families.
          • resuorce on leisure, art, sports, lifestyle, and travel for persons with disabilities
          • Ryggmärgsskada: a resource for persons with spinal cord injuries and their families (Swedish lang.)


          • Lonely Planet: Travel information for individuals with disabilities.
          • Accessible Tourism: ENAT – the European Network for Accessible Tourism.
          • WellTrips: accessible hotels and group travel.
          • Mobilina: leases and sells accessible cars (Swedish lang.)