Adapted bathroom

Spacious bathroom adapted for a wheelchair user without any arm or hand function

User at washbasin with lower cabinet

Sink with lower cabinets

The spacious bathroom is adjacent to the bedroom. A sliding door separates the bedroom and the bathroom. It has a sink, shower and toilet, as well as a tall cabinet. The cabinet hangs on the wall and does not go all the way down to the floor to facilitate cleaning. The user has a view of the garden from the toilet through the large window, though no one can see in.

The bathroom is planned so that the user could shower on a stretcher if necessary.

Users comments
The user transfers to the shower chair in the bedroom and therefore no ceiling lift is needed in the bathroom. There is enough room for assistants, the user has enough room to turn.

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The user

User in his bathroom, wall-hung high cabinet and standard toilet visible.

Wall-hung tall cabinet and standard toilet

Open shower area and wall-hung high cabinet

Shower and wall-mounted tall cabinet

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Author: Martin

Martin bor ihop med hustru i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 2000 och har en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4). Han har personlig asistans dygnet rund.

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