Adjustable height punching bag

- can be used both by people in wheelchairs and people who stand
User with punching bag
User with punching bag

The punching bag is set up with a block to be able to adjust the height.

Model punching bag and gloves: Casall

Users comments
The suspension device was put together from loose parts classified as marine accessories for sailing.
The user and his wife enjoy exercising. Since they have three small children, it is difficult to get away in the evenings so they created an exercise room in the house. They enjoy boxing. Therefore they set up an adjustable height punching bag.

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The user

Whose idea
The user (suspension device with block)

Suspension device with block
Suspension device with block

Author: Robert

Robert bor tillsammans med hustru och tre barn i en villa. Han arbetar heltid. Han skadade sig 2003 och har en låg paraplegi (L1). Ingen assistans.

Type of disability

Low paraplegia (Th11-S1)

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