Bag on wheelchair

A practical bag for wheelchair users. The user can keep an eye on the bag at the same time that it keeps the user's feet in place.

Close-up of the user'e feet on the wheelchairs padded footrest. Between the feet there is a bag with straps around the users calves.

Bag sitting on user’s feet on wheelchair footrests

The bag sits on the user’s feet and is attached around the calves and the wheelchair’s leg supports. The straps that go around the calf and let support are padded and attached by the assistive device center.

Users comments
On a trip to Spain Conny started using an ordinary hip pack to keep an eye on his wallet. He discovered that the pack also held his feet in place. Since the hip pack was too small he bought a larger bag and asked Hjälpmedelcentralen (assistive device center) to modify it. Padding takes the pressure off the backs of his calves.

Made by
Hjälpmedelcentralen (assistive device center) made this modification

Purchased from
Handbag store

Paid for by

Whose idea
Conny Örnesved

Close-up of padded straps around the usere's calf and wheelchair leg support.

Padded straps around calf and wheelchair leg support

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Author: Conny

Conny bor ihop med sina döttrar i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. 1994 skadade han sig och fick en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4). Han har personlig assistans dygnet rund, därav 3,5 timmar dubbel bemanning.

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