Ceiling lift in bathroom

Used not only as an aid for transfers, but also as an assistive device to enable high quadriplegics to wash.

Large plastic bag suspended from ceiling lift hanger
Large plastic bag suspended from ceiling lift hanger

Ceiling lift on overhead crane from Beram.

With the ceiling lift and fabric bag from Ikea, the user can wash independently: Susanne hangs the bag, which is used to hold laundry on the long handle of the ceiling lift hanger, which holds the bag open. By lowering it to the level of the shower chair she can easily place laundry in the bag, remove it, and move the laundry to the washing machine.

Users comments
By using a ceiling lift in the bathroom she does not need a shower chair on casters, which is large and cumbersome in tight spaces. She moves from the toilet chair directly to the shower chair. The problem with a ceiling lift with overhead crane is that it is difficult to set up shower walls and curtains. Susanne saw a solution at an interior design store: plastic blinds that can be screwed to the ceiling and lowered. She has not tested this idea yet.

Paid for by
County council

Whose idea
Susanne Berg

Tipsare: Susanne

Susanne lives in an apartment. She studies as well as working full time as a free-lance journalist. She was injured in 1982 and has a high spinal cord injury (C5). Through hand surgery her grip function in her left hand improved. She has personal assistance.