Closure of modified trousers

Velcro closure for trousers with hook and loop works for persons with impaired hand function

Waistband is threaded through key ring on zipper

Waistband is threaded through key ring on zipper

Instead of a button the trousers have a Velcro closure and a hook and loop.

The user places his thumbs in the belt loops on the waistband. To prevent the zipper from sliding down, one end of the waistband is threaded through the key ring on the zipper and both ends are held together by a hook and loop and closed with Velcro.

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User with thumbs in waistband's belt loops

User places thumbs in waistband’s belt loops

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Author: Mats

Mats bor tillsammans med sin sambo i en lägenhet. Han är pensionär. 1988 skadade han sig och har en tetraplegi (C6-7). Genom handkirurgi har han fått bättre grepp i båda händer. Mats har personlig assistans ca 10 timmar om dagen. Avliden.

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