Custom-made hand and nail file

File surface placed on a bottle provides a good handle – suitable for people with impaired hand function
User files pinky fingernail.
User files pinky fingernail.

A self-adhesive surface of a foot file with interchangeable grinding surfaces is attached to a glass bottle. The file is used to file nails and to remove thickened skin from hands.

Model: Foot file refill (Skoglund)

Users comments
The bottleneck is easy to hold. Skin-softening oil for callouses can be stored in the bottle.

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User files nails.
User files nails
Custom-made hand and nail file.
Custom-made hand and nail file
Custom-made hand and nail file (image )
Custom-made hand and nail file 

Author: Tomas

Tomas bor ihop med sambo i en lägenhet. Han arbetar 25% som fotograf. Han skadade sig 1983 och har en låg tetraplegi (C7). Han har hemtjänst i assistansliknande form en timme dagligen.

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