Customized syringe for microlax

With a customized syringe a person with impaired hand function can self-administer microlax

Drawing: The user sits leaning backwards in a tailor's position on the toilet seat, with his feet resting on the wheelchair in front of him. He holds the microlax syringe and inserts it into his anus.

User inserts syringe with microlax. Illustration: Lars ‘Geson’ Andersson

A 10-20 ml syringe is filled with Microlax, which is available in large packages. The tip of the catheter tube is placed on the syringe instead of the needle. With the right position on the toilet and a mirror (see associated tip) the user can self-administer the microlax.

Users comments
The mirror is not necessarily if the user learns to find the right place by touch.

How to make
Cut off the tip of a catheter tube and place it on a 10-20 ml syringe.

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
Another person with C5-6 quadriplegia

Editors comments
Other users think it’s easier to use a catheter tip which is a bit longer (about 8 cm).

Microlax syringe (close-up)

Microlax syringe

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