Data tools that enable more keystrokes

- assistive device for people with impaired hand function

User presses Ctrl and Alt with the device

User presses Ctrl and Alt with the device

A U-shaped arc made of brace material. The ends are covered with anti-slip material. A key ring is attached to the arch.

Users comments
Logging on to the computer requires pressing on both the Ctrl key and the Alt key with the device; press Delete with the other hand. The control panel in Windows has a setting called sticky keys that makes it possible to press multiple keys simultaneously, see related tip.
The device needs to be adapted for each computer because the distance between the keys varies.

Made by
Occupational therapist from Talkraft, Rehab Station Stockholm

Whose idea
The user

The device, lying on a laptop

Computer and device

Various types of devices

Various types of devices (Photo: Talkraft, Rehab Station Stockholm)

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StickyKeys, a setting in Windows
StickyKeys, a setting in Windows
- a setting for people who cannot press two or more keys simultaneously.

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Personen bor ihop med fru och barn i villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1975 och har en hög tetraplegi (C5). Genom hand-kirurgi fick han bättre greppfunktion i båda händer. Han har personlig assistans 7 timmar om dagen. (Avliden 2024)

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