Environmental control

- facilitates remote control of TVs, CD players, VCRs, phones, and other electrical appliances

Control Prog - a box with 12 raised buttons

Control Prog

This system uses the Control Prog from Abilia as transmitter (see photo above). Control Prog is a programmable transmitter with 161 available function positions on 10 different levels. One or more levels can be opened, as needed. Control Prog can control devices such as telephones, TVs, VCRs, lights, door openers, etc. Control Prog is controlled here by pressing directly on the transmitter. Each button has a small plastic ball to ease operation. The receiver here is a relay unit with wall outlets, which makes it possible to turn lights a tape recorder, fan, etc. on and off by remote control (see photo below).

Users comments
With this system the user can turn on the heater, fan, and TV, as well as operate the bed, door opener, and computer. When he first used the system he needed the small plastic balls that were applied to the unit; some of these have fallen off but he no longer needs them. The user presses the unit with his thumb.

Made by
Abilia, abilia.com (last checked June 2020)

Paid for by
County council

Editors comments
Today there is also a more advanced transmitter ‘GEWA Maxi’ available which is capable of both IR and radio, for more information see abilia.com (last checked June 2020).

Relay unit with with four outlets

Relay unit with with four outlets

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