Gearbox in adapted automatic car

Shifting the car's gears with a mouth stick – a solution for drivers with high spinal cord injuries

Horizontal button panel (gear panel)

Gear panel

Anders uses a mouth stick on a panel with buttons to select the gear, see associated tip.

Users comments
Initially the user intended to manage the gear panel with his hand, but this did not work because he came in contact with all of the buttons simultaneously. Then he began to use the mouth stick.

Made by
Autoadapt (in Sweden), (last checked April 2020)

Paid for by
Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Whose idea
The user (mouth stick)

User with mouth stick by gear panel

User with mouth stick by gear panel

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An important assistive device for a person with a high spinal cord injury that can be used in many different situations.
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Author: Anders

Anders bor ihop med sambo i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1989 och fick en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4-5). Han har personliga assistenter.

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