Heating fan

Heating fan suitable for persons who find it difficult to regulate body temperature.

Heating fan on desk
Heating fan on desk

Heating fan for indoor use. The heating fan can be placed or turned to a position so that it blows heat on the neck. The user has one heating fan at his desk and one by the bed.

Users comments
The heating fan helps to warm up the body so a person can relax. Even if his feet are cold, the user places the fan so that it blows heat on his neck where he has sensation. An alternative is a “wheat cushion” or heating pad, but the user feels these can be difficult to get to stay on his body or neck. You also avoid the step of heating the wheat cushion in the microwave or dealing with electric plugs. The heating fan is also available with cool air, which can be good to cool the body on hot summer days. The tipster has one heating fan standing by the computer and one by the bed. Many different brands and manufacturers are available.

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Heating fan in bedroom
Heating fan in bedroom

Tipsare: Gert

Gert lives in an apartment. He is working half time and is a politician in the local government. He was injured in 1973 and has a tetraplegia, C5-C6. He has two hours help daily provided by the local government.