Independent transfer with ceiling lift

Independent transfer with ceiling lift The user must overcome difficulties to transfer independently using a ceiling lift.

Bedroom with ceiling lift

Bedroom with ceiling lift

Lift sling “Byxsele” with reinforced back used in combination with ceiling lift.
Technique: Susanne leans forward and lets the lift sling slide down her back. Next she pulls the leg supports forward and up between her legs by leaning forward and rocking from side to side, lifting up her legs, and even using her teeth. Then she places the sling in the lift tackle, with the leg supports on top. In order to correctly position herself in bed she now twists the tackle in the opposite direction that she intends to turn when she is above the bed. Then she lifts herself; as long as she is still able to reach the wheelchair she pushes off and in over the bed as far as possible. Her legs are still dangling outside the edge of the bed. Next she raises herself until her feet clear the bed, and then twists back by herself and lowers herself onto the bed. She straightens her legs using an electric bed back support. While sitting in bed she hangs out the leg supports, pulls them out from under her legs, hangs them in again, raises the lift and the sling is pulled away.

Users comments
The reinforced back and legs enable Susanne to correctly position the sling by herself. In this way she is able to transfer to and from bed independently, if absolutely necessary. The process takes 20 minutes. She cannot get undressed.

Susanne now has a motorized ceiling lift that allows for lateral movement along the ceiling track, Likorall 242 ES from Hillrom. The transfer process is now much easier.

Purchased from
Hillrom, (last checked July 2020)

Paid for by
County council

Whose idea
Susanne Berg

Lift harness with reinforced back and leg straps

Lift harness Byxsele

Author: Susanne

Susanne bor i lägenhet och studerar och arbetar som frilans (heltid). Hon skadade sig 1982 och har en hög ryggmärgskada (C5). Genom handkirurgi fick hon ett pinchgrepp i vä hand. Hon har personlig assistans genom LASS. Efter tipsinsamlingen har hon flyttat till en ny lägenhet.

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