Key ring with “bite tug”

A user with extensive disabilities can use a "bite tug" to help pull up a zipper on a jacket
User closes jacket zipper using a "bite tug" in the zipper
User closes jacket zipper using a “bite tug” in the zipper

A key ring is attached to the jacket zipper. A “bite tug” consisting of a piece of a cable tie is attached to the key ring. The user uses the bite tug to be able to pull up the zipper tab with his teeth. He holds the jacket in place with his left hand as he pulls the zipper up with his mouth.

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"Bite tug" attached to key ring (close-up)
“Bite tug” attached to key ring (close-up)

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Author: Kenneth

Kenneth bor i en lägenhet. Han skadade sig 2006 och har en hög inkomplett tetraplegi med uttalad spasticitet. Han har personlig assistans 130 timmar i veckan.

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