Knife with adapted handle

Kitchen knife suitable for persons with impaired hand function

Knife with adapted handle
Knife with adapted handle

Ergonomic kitchen knife with large handle.

Users comments
The tipster uses the knife with both hands. He inserts one thumb into the handle of the knife. The knife is usually used together with a cutting board with nails on it. The knife is used for many purposes, not just for cutting meat and other food, but also for opening envelopes, screwing in screws, cutting off other objects such as cables, and to open containers. The knife always sits out on the counter in the kitchen. The tipster also has a serrated yellow knife. Both work very well.

Made by
Nils Johan

Purchased from
Department store or Varsam, (last checked May 2017)

Paid for by
The user

This tip is from 2005

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Tipsare: Gert

Gert lives in an apartment. He is working half time and is a politician in the local government. He was injured in 1973 and has a tetraplegia, C5-C6. He has two hours help daily provided by the local government.