Manual wheelchair with “e-motion” wheel

E-motion wheels make it easier to operate the wheelchair – appropriate for persons with poor function of the arms

User in Küschall chair equipped with e-motion wheels
User in Küschall chair equipped with e-motion wheels

The e-motion wheel serves as a motor to help propel a manual wheelchair. Each wheel has an electric motor with an integrated removable battery. A mild push on the grip rings is all that’s required to engage the motors, which then help to propel the wheelchair. E-motion also aids in braking, with little arm strength required. Mild counterpressure on the grip rings engages the power brakes and slows the wheelchair. The user has e-motion wheels on a Küschall active wheelchair, which has a more tilted seat. She sits securely in the chair and is able to drive well. The foot bar is close to the body, which shortens the chair and allows for easy rotation and maneuverability.

E-motions wheels make the wheelchair about 8 cm wider.

Users comments
The user is extremely satisfied with e-motion and the Küschall chair. She experiences an enormous sense of freedom to be able to get around easily outdoors. She sits very securely in the chair and especially when going uphill she can lean forward and exert herself without falling forward. A minor disadvantage is that she experiences more pressure on the tailbone, which requires intermittent relief. Another disadvantage is that when the grip rings are wet, they become extremely slippery, which makes it difficult to get a grip.

Purchased from
Invacare, (e-motion), (Küschall-chair), last checked April 2017

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
E-motion can be combined with various manual wheelchairs.

This tip is from 2007

E-motion-wheel (close-up)
E-motion-wheel (close-up)

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Turning e-motion wheel motor on and off
Turning e-motion wheel motor on and off
The user has learned how to directly push the on/off button for the e-motion wheel motor in order to avoid bringing the remote control.

Tipsare: Yasmin

Yasmin lives in an apartment. She is working part time. She was injured in 1999 and has a C-5 tetraplgia. Through hand surgery her grip function improved. She has personal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 hours of those are assistance on call.