Massage hair brush with handle

Simple and practical handle on a hair brush – suitable for persons with impaired hand function

The user holds the hairbrush with the ring finger and combs his hair, viewed from the front

User with hair brush – viewed from the front

A small round plastic hair brush with easy-grip handle on the upper side. The brush is very light and it is easy to insert a finger into the handle. This method provides a good grip of the hair brush.

Model: Denman massage brush

Purchased from
For example hair salons

Paid for by
The user

User with hair brush – viewed from behind

User with hair brush – viewed from behind

Hair brush with handle (close-up)

Hair brush with handle

Author: Nisse

Nisse är pensionär och bor ihop med hans hustru i en villa. Han skadade sig 1969 och har en tetraplegi (C6-7). Han har personlig assistans 6 timmar per dag.

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