Modified trousers

Modified trousers that keep the stomach warm – appropriate for wheelchair users

User with specially sewn trousers

User with specially sewn trousers

The trousers are extended upwards with soft elastic fabric in a matching color.

Users comments
The user extends all of her trousers and skirts. She does not want trousers that are specially sewn for persons who sit in a wheelchair; she wants to be able to wear any trousers without a gap in the back.

Made by
User together with an assistant

Purchased from
Fabric store

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

Specially sewn trousers

Specially sewn trousers

Author: Linnea

Linnea bor i en lägenhet. Hon arbetar halvtid. Hon har en hög ryggmärgsskada sedan födseln. Hon har 29 timmar assistans i veckan.

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