Peristeen rectal irrigation

Independent emptying of bowel for quadriplegics with impaired hand function

Drawing: User sits leaning backwards in tailor's position on toilet and inserts the anal irrigation device.

User with anal irrigation device. Illustration: Lars ‘Geson’ Andersson

Peristeen anal irrigation from Coloplast helps people with spinal cord injuries to empty their bowels. It consists of a control unit with pump, a water bag, and a rectal catheter.
The water bag is designed to stand on the floor and can easily be moved thanks to the large handle. The rectal catheter is smooth, small and discreet which makes insertion into the rectum very easy. When the catheter is inserted into the intestine, a small balloon fills with air to keep the catheter in place in the intestine during intestinal cleansing.

Technique: Prepare by filling the water bag with water at body temperature, connect the tube to the lid and open the package containing the rectal catheter a little bit and connect it to the other side of the tube. The control unit is attached to the thigh with an attachment strap.
Then sit tailor style on the toilet and place the mirror on thighs, so that the anal opening is visible, see associated tip. Insert the catheter; support the catheter against the toilet seat in order to hold it at the proper angle. Pump up the catheter balloon, put feet down and sit properly. Pump the water in and remove the catheter.

Users comments
All components are designed for persons with impaired hand motor function.
The control unit does not have to be attached to the thigh; it is helpful for it to be separate so that it can be pumped with hand and chin for increased power.
Inserting the catheter can be difficult and it may be necessary to press the catheter against the toilet seat to obtain the correct angle.

Made by
Coloplast, (last checked May 2020).

Paid for by
County Council

Editors comments
Not all county councils cover the cost of Peristeen.



Peristeen. Photo www.coloplast .se

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