Sink with hand shower

Adjustable angle sink in bathroom with hand shower, suitable for persons with impaired balance and hand function.

Washbasin with spacer unit
Washbasin with spacer unit

A sturdy washbasin with spacer unit that holds it 20 cm from the wall. The washbasin can be tipped up to create room. Edges with good support for arms and hands. Washbasin is mounted on rocking brackets

Model: Ifö Care

Users comments
Convenient hand shower; easy to wash hair in sink, too. The hand shower also reaches the toilet chair.

Made by
Ifö, (in Sweden), last checked June 2020.

Paid for by
Local government

User pulls out hand shower
User pulls out hand shower

Tipsare: Monica

Monica lives in an apartment and is working part time. She was injured in 1990 and has a tetraplegia (C5). She has personal assistance 13 hours a day and some help at night provided by the local government.