Sitting tailor style for bowel management

Tailor-style position on toilet makes it possible for a quadriplegic to take care of bowel management independently

Drawing: The user is sitting on the toilet in a tailor-style position with the feet on the wheelchair in front of him.

Tailor-style seated position Illustration: Lars ‘Geson’ Andersson

User transfers to toilet chair. He positions the wheelchair at a 90 degree angle in front of the toilet, about 50-60 cm from the toilet and places both feet on the wheelchair. He places his feet together and thighs outwards so that he sits in a “tailor style” position. Then he places the mirror on his feet so he can see the anal opening. He inserts the catheter or the adapted microlax syringe, depending on which method he uses.

Whose idea
Another person with C5-6 quadriplegia

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Author: Anonym 6

Personen har en komplett tetraplegi på C6.

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