Strap as assistive device for transfers

Strap around thighs facilitates transfers – suitable for wheelchair users

User with transfer strap around thighs
User with transfer strap around thighs

A padded strap, about 8 cm wide and 140 cm long with loops, is closed with Velcro.

Users comments
During transfers the user bends his upper body forward. The band prevents his legs from separating and his upper body from ending up between his legs.
The strap is particularly helpful during transfers to the toilet when the user is not wearing trousers. The loops help the user, who has impaired hand function, to grasp and tighten the strap.

Made by
User’s partner

Whose idea
The user

Tipsare: Mikael

Mikael lives together with his partner in an apartment. He is working parttime. He was injured in 2008 and has a tetraplegia (C5-6). He has personal assistance 30 hours a week.