Three-wheel electric scooter

– facilitates moving around outdoors for people who have difficulty walking

User drives his scooter.
User drives his scooter.

Electric scooter for limited outdoor use with stepless adjustable handlebar and swivel seat for getting on and off. The backrest can be folded against the seat surface. Parked in the garage.

Model: Ortocar 310

Users comments
The user is satisfied with his scooter. He often uses it outdoors.

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In Sweden: LB medical, (last checked December 2020)

Paid for by
County Council

This tip is from 2011

Scooter, seat rotated to facilitate getting on.
Scooter, seat rotated to facilitate getting on.

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Tipsare: Anders 3

Anders is working part time. He lives together with his wife in an apartment. He was injured in 1971 and has an incomplete tetraplegia. Indoors he is able to walk with a stick, outside he uses scooter. No assistance.