Universal knob for doors, stove and lock

Portable and adapted handle that enlarges and therefore makes it easier for a person with impaired hand function to twist/open/close various types of lock and stove knobs.

Universal knob: on a grip-friendly handle is a surface with many small moving metal spikes.
Universal knob

This assistive device makes it easier to manipulate a handle, lock or stove knob. The grip becomes larger, which means less force is needed to open, close, or twist. The universal knob is designed to fit various shapes and sizes of knob or handle. The small spikes shape and adapt to the object to be handled.

This model is called “Stift”.

Purchased from
E.g. Swereco, www.swereco.com (last checked May 2020)

Paid for by
County Council

Tipsare: Bruno

Bruno lives in an apartment and is working part time. He was injured in 1974 and has a tetraplegia (C5-6). Through hand surgery in 1977 his grip function improved. He has personal assistance 7 hours a day and some help at night provided by the local government.