“Urination hook” with cam cleat

The urination hook is an assistive device for persons with compromised arm/hand function who have to relieve themselves intermittently

With the index finger in the loop of the cord, the user pulls the cord and locks the quick lock.

User locks cam cleat

A cord with a steel hook on it is attached under the wheelchair. A cam cleat sits on the cord.

In order to pull down his underwear when draining urine the user places the steel hook inside the waistband. Then he pulls the cord until his underwear is down far enough and locks the cord at the correct length with the cam cleat.

Users comments
The user knew of a similar device with an elastic cord. He refined it with a non-elastic cord and a cam cleat locking device. The solution even works with tight underwear. The cam cleat is an accessory used on small sailboats.

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User’s partner

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Marine supplies (cam cleat)

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The user

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The user

The hook is located at the top of the underwear; with the index finger in the loop of the cord, the user pulls the cord.

User pulls down underwear using a steel hook and cord

The steel hook and the cord with the quick lock lying on the user's knee.

The user takes the steel hook and cord out from under the wheelchair and places it on his lap

Cam cleat (close-up)

Cam cleat

Cam cleat (close-up)

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Author: Mats

Mats bor tillsammans med sin sambo i en lägenhet. Han är pensionär. 1988 skadade han sig och har en tetraplegi (C6-7). Genom handkirurgi har han fått bättre grepp i båda händer. Mats har personlig assistans ca 10 timmar om dagen. Avliden.

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