Wheelchair table

- makes it easier to always have work materials accessible – suitable for people with severe disabilities

User with wheelchair table with stand and iPad on it.

User with wheelchair table

Plexiglas wheelchair table attached to wheelchair frame with an adjustable arm. The height and angle are adjustable.

Users comments
The user always has the wheelchair table with iPhone and iPad with him.

Made by
Sodexo hjälpmedelservice (Tednical Aid Center in Stockholm)

Paid for by
County Council

Whose idea
The user

Wheelchair table arm attached to wheelchair frame

Wheelchair table arm attached to wheelchair frame

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Handheld computer with touchscreen – easy to use for people with disabilities.
Smartphone with holder
Smartphone with holder
A smartphone placed in a holder on the wheelchair table can be controlled with a mouth stick – suitable for people with extensive disabilities.

Author: Ilias

Ilias var artist och arbetade för MFPA (Mouth foot painting artists). Han har en hög tetraplegi (C 4/5), avliden.

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