Winter walks with wheelchair

Plastic skis under the wheelchair make it possible for wheelchair users to take walks in winter

Plastic skis attached under the wheelchair
Plastic skis attached under the wheelchair

A pair of short plastic skis without bindings are fitted with hinges to be able to sit attached under the wheelchair wheels.

Users comments
When the user had dogs she drove a dogsled with three dachshunds along an old railway track that has become a pedestrian and bicycle path. Today, when she no longer has her dogs she uses this equipment anyway. It is extremely easy for another person to push.

Made by
User’s husband

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
User and her husband

Editors comments
Se also wheel blades,

Plastic skis (close-up)
Plastic skis (close-up)

Tipsare: Irene

Irene lives together with her husband in a house in the countryside. She is retired. She was injured in 1995 and has a low paraplegia. She does not have any assistance.