Wireless switch

Adapted wireless remote control for switch

Adapted wireless switch
Adapted wireless switch

Appliances with plugs can be turned on and off by remote control. The maximum range is about 60 meters. The button for the remote control is enlarged by gluing on a piece of plastic. A key ring attached to the remote control unit makes it easier for the user to grasp and hold the remote control.

Users comments
User uses the remote control unit for functions such as turning on the computer.

Enlarging small buttons means a lot to the user and makes it easier for him to use the buttons. He has this adaptation on many devices.

How to make
Adapted button: take a piece (about 0.5 cm) of catheter tube, glue it to the button and fill it with hot melt adhesive from the glue gun (other adhesive also works).

Purchased from
Clas Ohlson, www.clasohlson.se (last checked May 2017)

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The user

Whose idea
The user

This tip is from 2006

Enlarged button with piece of plastic glued to it
Enlarged button with piece of plastic glued to it

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