Workplace at home

Workplace for a person with high spinal cord injury allows user to work from home

User at workplace

User at workplace

The work table consists of two table tops. An approximately 2.5 m wide board goes along the wall and sits on consoles. In the middle of the large board is a narrow board that sits on top and extends over the lower one. The hard drive stands on this section and is therefore accessible from two sides (see associated tip). The narrow board is also suspended from the ceiling (see Photo below).

The user has a Macintosh computer that he controls with a head mouse. The headset for the head mouse is suspended from the ceiling (see associated tips).

Users comments
It was important for the user to be able to move freely without any table legs in the way.

The user works both at the office and from home. He works for an advertising agency that designs logos and advertising on cars. The user draws on the computer, based on clients’ requests (see Photo berlow).

Made by
The user’s brother

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
AMI Wejbystrand, improved by the user

Workplace without user

Workplace without user

Hard drive on suspended sticking out  table top

Hard drive on suspended table top

User's tasks are displayed on the computer screen

User’s tasks are displayed on the computer screen

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Placement of computer in adapted workplace
Placement of computer in adapted workplace
Being able to see the back of the computer makes it easier for people with disabilities to work. It is easier to explain to others how to change cables, etc..
Paper storage in workroom
Paper storage in workroom
Paper and documents stored in drawers are convenient and easy to see – suitable for persons with limited reach.
Controlling computer with head mouse
Controlling computer with head mouse
Suspending a headset from the ceiling makes it easier for a person with impaired hand function to put it on.

Author: Anders

Anders bor ihop med sambo i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. Han skadade sig 1989 och fick en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4-5). Han har personliga assistenter.

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