About Spinalistips

Many people with spinal cord injury have become experts on their disability. They have become inventive and resourceful when it comes to assistive devices and tricks that make everyday life easier.

Dorothee Riedel is an occupational therapist who has worked with people with spinal cord injury for many years. She has learnt a lot from her patients and much of her professional knowledge is based on this. Dorothee knows that the best ideas and tips to make everyday life easier come from the people with spinal cord injury themselves.


Dorothee Riedel
Leg. occupational therapist, project manager

She thought it was important to collect these valuable tips and ideas and make them available online so that more people could be inspired. In 2005, the Spinalis Foundation started Spinalistips.se with funding from the Swedish National Heritage Foundation.

Spinalistips aims to inspire people to develop their own solutions and, not least, for people with disabilities to see themselves as experts.

Today, Spinalistips.se shows thousands of tips on assistive devices, special adaptations and personal solutions from more than 100 people. The tips are annotated by the users themselves. There is also information on who has paid for the assistive device. Municipal and regional rules change over time and vary depending on where you live in the country. The information in the database does not necessarily apply to you.

The Spinalis Foundation is not responsible for individual products or tips.

To disseminate tips and ideas from Spinalistips.se, it is permitted to copy images or parts of the database, but only for non-commercial purposes and with reference to the source.

Spinalistips has received funding from the Promobilia Foundation to modernise the site and open it up to a wider audience. We also want to make it much easier to submit and share tips.

Contact: info@spinalis.se


Erika Nilsson

Erika Nilsson

Project coordinator

Anna Oredsson

Anna Oredsson

Graphic design

johan Svensson

johan Svensson

Front end-specialist

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