Cleaning cabinet without plinth

Cleaning cabinet without plinth allows easy access to shelves and objects while sitting in the wheelchair.

Cleaning cabinet with open door
Cleaning cabinet with open door

The cleaning cabinet does not have a plinth at the floor which allows the wheelchair to come closer to the cabinet. The shelves are on the inside of the door, which also makes it easier to reach the things stored there. The upper shelves are made of glass to make it easier to see what is on them from below.

Users comments
Easy to reach things in the cleaning cabinet, according to the user. The shelves on the side sit at just the right height for him to reach things there.

Paid for by
Local government

Glass shelves in cleaning cabinet
Glass shelves in cleaning cabinet

Bottom of cleaning cabinet without plinth
Bottom of cleaning cabinet

Tipsare: Gert

Gert lives in an apartment. He is working half time and is a politician in the local government. He was injured in 1973 and has a tetraplegia, C5-C6. He has two hours help daily provided by the local government.