Battery-operated broom

A cordless broom that makes cleaning easy - suitable for wheelchair users
Swivel Sweeper
Swivel Sweeper

Battery-operated broom with four rotating brushes that pick up dirt from all directions. The dirt is gathered in a container that is easy to empty. The head pivots 360 degrees, which makes it easy to get around furniture.

Model: Swivel Sweeper

Users comments
The user appreciates the Swivel Sweeper, since he does not need to pick up the dirt. The lightweight dirt container is easy to remove and empty, and can be used with one hand.
He uses it as a complement to the regular vacuum cleaner; it picks up crumbs and sand best; but does not work very well on rugs.

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Battery pack for Swivel sweeper
Battery pack for Swivel sweeper
Swivel Sweeper
Swivel Sweeper

Author: Anonym 12

Personen bor i lägenhet och arbetar deltid. 1994 skadade han sig och har en hög paraplegi (TH 4). Han har ingen assistans.

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