Easy-grip bottle opener

Bottle opener that can be used by persons with impaired hand function

Bottle opener shown from above

Bottle opener shown from above

A large bottle opener that sits well in the hand.

Technique: Hold bottle firmly between thighs to immobilize it, allowing use of both hands to apply the leverage principle to remove cap.

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With this bottle opener Susanne is able to open a bottle by herself.

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Bottle opener shown from below

Bottle opener shown from below

Author: Susanne

Susanne bor i lägenhet och studerar och arbetar som frilans (heltid). Hon skadade sig 1982 och har en hög ryggmärgskada (C5). Genom handkirurgi fick hon ett pinchgrepp i vä hand. Hon har personlig assistans genom LASS. Efter tipsinsamlingen har hon flyttat till en ny lägenhet.

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