Sitting in jeep at motocross

For people who do not have arm and/or hand function and cannot keep their balance an extra seatbelt and a strap around the hands help them to maintain a stable seated position.

An nylon belt laying on a Roho cushion.

Roho cushion and nylon belt

A stable seated position in the car is achieved with two nylon belts (in addition to the usual seatbelt) that sit around the person and are tightened against the car’s roll bar on each side. One belt sits at shoulder level, the other just under the shoulders (photo 1). – Padded strap that holds hands together (photo 2).
– Roho quadro cushion to avoid ulcers
– Tempurpedic cushion under feet to avoid ulcers.

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When Conny rides in the Jeep he sits on the car seat. He explored the possibility of special car seats with 4-point belt, but since they are extremely expensive he found different solutions. In the ordinary car the seatbelt is enough.

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Auto accessory store (belt); gym accessories (strap)

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Conny Örnesved

Padded strip with Velcro closure for hands

Padded strip with Velcro closure for hands

Author: Conny

Conny bor ihop med sina döttrar i en villa. Han arbetar deltid. 1994 skadade han sig och fick en hög ryggmärgsskada (C4). Han har personlig assistans dygnet rund, därav 3,5 timmar dubbel bemanning.

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