Adapted barbecue tool

Enables persons with impaired hand function to barbecue

The user with his grilling tool at the barbecue

User barbecues

Long-handled tongs with wood handle sits attached to an underarm orthosis. The orthosis consists of two parts that are held together with an elastic band. The lower portion is long enough for the hand to rest on it, while the upper portion ends at the wrist and makes it possible to extend the wrist. The lower portion of the orthosis is extended with a strong wooden ruler. The barbecue tongs sit on the ruler. An inner tube from a wheelchair wheel goes around the handle of the tongs and the user’s hand.

Users comments
The ends of the tongs are pressed together by pulling up the wrist. Since the device is lightweight and strong the user’s wrist does not get tired when he barbecues.

He also uses the tongs to pick things up from the floor.

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The user

Whose idea
The user

User with barbecue tongs (close-up)

User with adapted barbecue tongs

User extends his wrist to pick up an object with the barbecue tong

User picks up an object with barbecue tongs

Author: Gordon

Gordon har skrivit boken 'Access Africa: Safaris for People with Limited Mobility (Bradt Travel Guides)'. Han skadade sig 1998 och har en hög teteraplegi (C5-6 komplett).

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