Cooling off when it gets too hot

Simple tips for cooling off - suitable for persons who are sensitive to heat

Spray bottle, plastic

Spray bottle, photo: Clas Ohlson

Spray bottle, fan and/or wet washcloths that the user keeps in the freezer are used when it gets too hot.

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It is difficult for the user to regulate her body temperature. She is hypersensitive to both heat and cold.

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Table fan

Table fan, photo: Clas Ohlson

User with washcloth on forehead

User with cold washcloth on forehead

Author: Nina

Nina bor i en lägenhet. Hon arbetar deltid. Hon skadade sig 1996 och har en hög tetraplegi (C4) och är i behov av ventilator. Hon har dubbel assistans dygnet runt.

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