Custom-sewn blouses

Blouses in simple patterns – appropriate for wheelchair users

User with blouse in Viking model. Photo: Katharina Ratzka
User with blouse in Viking model.
Photo: Katharina Ratzka

Blouses are longer in the back so they stay covering the back. The front can vary in length, depending on taste. Since the user slumps over when sitting the blouses are tailored to her figure, flared and wide across the stomach.

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Users comments
Purchased blouses are often too wide at the neckline and easily slide up and tighten around the throat. They are often too tight across the stomach. The user has searched for appropriate blouses for a long time. Depending on the latest styles she only finds something appropriate occasionally, see related tip.
So she developed these models adapted to her figure and is extremely satisfied with them.
The pattern for her blouse in photos 1 and 2 is taken from a Viking exhibition. It has straight pieces in the front and rear, a gusset on the sides, also the sleeves are completely straight, see photo 2.

Previously she also sewed long-sleeved blouses, but since holes easily form at the elbows she now wears short-sleeves blouses over a T-shirt.

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User’s assistant, tailor

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The user

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The user

This tip is from 2011

Blouse in Viking model. Photo: Katharina Ratzka
Blouse in Viking model.
Photo: Katharina Ratzka
Custom-sewn blouse (user’s own model)
Custom-sewn blouse (user’s own model)

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Together with her husband the person livs in a house in the countryside. She is retired. Since 1998 she has a C6 spinal cord injury. She has personal assistance 13 hours a day.