Blouses and sweaters

- examples of clothing purchased in stores that can be appropriate for wheelchair users

Sweater to be fastened with a woolen ribbon.

Sweater from Gudrun Sjödén

– Sweater buttoned with wool edging from Gudrun Sjöden (photo above)
– Blouses that are flared and broader across the stomach (photos below)

Users comments
Sweaters are often difficult to button.
Blouses can be too tight across the stomach and do not fit a person with quadriplegia who sits slumped.
Occasionally the user finds clothing that fits her in the stores. She feels that Gudrun Sjöden,, often has appropriate clothing (last checked May 2020).

She borrowed the idea of buttoning a sweater with a wool band from a sweater by Gudrun Sjödén, (photo above), see related hint.

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Flared blouse

Blouse from Gudrun Sjödén

Blouse from Gudrun Sjödén

Blouse purchased in clothing shop

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Custom-sewn blouses
Custom-sewn blouses
Blouses in simple patterns - appropriate for wheelchair users.
Knitted vest tied with woolen band
Knitted vest tied with woolen band
- suitable for wheelchair users.

Author: Anonym 19

Personen bor ihop med maken i en villa på landet. Hon är pensionär. Sedan 1998 har hon en C-6 ryggmärgskada. Hon har personlig assistans 13 timmar dagligen.

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