Skirt as outerwear

Custom-tailored skirt that can easily be put on while sitting - suitable outer garment for people who use wheelchairs

User wearing a long skirt with a full-length zipper in the middle of the front.

User wearing a long skirt. Photo: Katharina Ratzka

A custom-tailored skirt with zipper on the front that can easily be put on and taken off while sitting. Fabric loops are sewn onto both sides of the zipper on the outside. The user holds these loops when she closes the zipper (see photo below). The skirt can be made in different lengths and fabrics. For example, the tipster has one skirt in a water repellent fabric for walks.

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Users comments
The user freezes easily, especially when traveling with the transportation service, or when she is out on walks with her electric wheelchair. She looked for a long time for a garment that is warm and easy to put on. She couldn’t find anything that fit. Even clothes specially designed for people who use wheelchairs were too large and had too much unnecessary fabric.
So she designed this model and is very happy with it.

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Editors comments
Please see (last checked March 2017) to find more patterns for clothing for persons with disabilities.

User holds fabric loops to close zipper.

User holds fabric loops to close zipper. Photo: Katharina Ratzka

User closes the zipper of her skirt.

User puts on skirt. Photo: Katharina Ratzka

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