Custom-sewn windbreaker

– functional, good fit – suitable for wheelchair users

Windbreaker from the front
Windbreaker from the front

Flared windbreaker, lined except in the back. The back is open and consists of two overlapping sections (see photo below). Sleeves with cuffs.

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Users comments
The user is satisfied with the jacket. It fits well and the cuffs help keep the sleeves out of the way when she is driving a wheelchair; they also keep out cold air. She did not line the back because she sits in the wheelchair. If she were to redesign the jacket, she would make a full zipper in the front.

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Windbreaker from the back, open
Windbreaker from the back, open

Windbreaker from the back. The two backparts overlap, it is not visible that the back is open..
Windbreaker from the back

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Tipsare: Anonym 19

Together with her husband the person livs in a house in the countryside. She is retired. Since 1998 she has a C6 spinal cord injury. She has personal assistance 13 hours a day.