Feet warmer

- easy to put on and take off while sitting - suitable for wheelchair users

User wearing the feet warmer

User wearing the feet warmer

Custom sewn feet warmer for feet and legs in water repellent coat fabric. It is higher in the front than on the bottom.

For more information, please contact the user through info@spinalis.se

Users comments
User often goes out on walks in her Permobil. She checked what was available in the market that would protect from cold, moisture and dirt. The feet warmer she found on the market was too large with too much excess fabric that had to be tucked around her feet.
So she developed this model and is very happy with it. If it is really cold outside, she tucks a blanket around her feet underneath thee feet warmer.

Made by
User’s assistant

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

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Author: Anonym 19

Personen bor ihop med maken i en villa på landet. Hon är pensionär. Sedan 1998 har hon en C-6 ryggmärgskada. Hon har personlig assistans 13 timmar dagligen.

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