Knitted vest tied with woolen band

– suitable for wheelchair users

User with woolen vest, tied with drawstring
User with woolen vest, tied with drawstring

It is difficult for the user to button her buttons, so she tried many different ways to button a sweater/vest. She tried using broaches and buckles but nothing worked. The idea of buttoning with woolen bands came from a purchased cardigan, see related tip.

Made by
User’s daughter

Whose idea
The user

This tip is from 2011

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Blouses and sweaters
Blouses and sweaters
- examples of clothing purchased in stores that can be appropriate for wheelchair users.

Tipsare: Anonym 19

Together with her husband the person livs in a house in the countryside. She is retired. Since 1998 she has a C6 spinal cord injury. She has personal assistance 13 hours a day.