Putting on specially-sewn mittens independently

- a technique for people with extensive disabilities
User puts on right mitten

User puts on right mitten

The user has specially-sewn mittens (see related tip) that he can put on himself. First he uses his left hand (which has better function) to put on the right mitten by pulling on the key rings. Then he slides his left hand into the left mitten. An opening for the thumb allows him to control certain buttons on the wheelchair, see related tip.

Made by
User’s assistant (mittens)

Purchased from
Fabric store

Paid for by
The user

Whose idea
The user

User puts on specially-sewn mittens (video)

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Custom-made mittens
Custom-made mittens
Custom-made mittens make it possible for a person with extensive disabilities to dress and undress independently.

Author: Kenneth

Kenneth bor i en lägenhet. Han skadade sig 2006 och har en hög inkomplett tetraplegi med uttalad spasticitet. Han har personlig assistans 130 timmar i veckan.

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