Cutting board with nails

Cutting board for persons with impaired hand function.

Cutting board with nails
Cutting board with nails

Wood cutting board with nails. The nails hold the object to be cut in place. Used for foods such as bread, cheese, vegetables or sausage.

Users comments
This cutting board has 6 nails. The item to be cut is positioned over and pressed down onto the nails and then sits in place. The user also uses the cutting board when slicing cheese (the cheese is positioned and held in place on the nails).

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This cutting board is not available anymore. A similar product with even more functions is Etac Fix preparation board, (last checked May 2020)

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County Council

This tip is from 2005

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Tipsare: Gert

Gert lives in an apartment. He is working half time and is a politician in the local government. He was injured in 1973 and has a tetraplegia, C5-C6. He has two hours help daily provided by the local government.